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Twitter: How easy it is to be Known!

Our way of socializing today has become more of communicating through the use of internet rather than physically, this is not a bad thing because it makes things easier for us. Technology has provided us with a faster way of connecting to other people all around the world, no matter how far or what time zone. There are also social networks that help us create new friendships and as well as strengthen our current relationships—these networks are namely Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and the ever famous Twitter. Being in a fast passed society, Twitter users has grown in the past years because of how easy it is to use, quickly conveying an idea or a status in the simple 140 character format. This website has defined a new means for socializing with other people with just short sentences. In Twitter, your friends are called “followers” for the reason that they follow your activities or posts on your account, they can be your friends and family or people from all around the globe that you most like won’t be able to meet in person.


You can buy twitter followers to increase your chances of making yourself and your account known if you are advertising a product or a company. Having a large number of followers can boost your account on this site, suggesting you to other users to follow that have the same interests as you. “Retweeting” is also an activity to do on Twitter aside from just posting; you repost a status made by another account while acknowledging the original source or account user.